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Keywords: Optimism, правосудие, Truth, Ex¬pansion, Главенство, Джой.
Элемент: Воздух / Water
Appropriately named after the king of the gods, Юпитер простой процент, by far the largest planet in the solar system, and has год, astonishing sixty-three moons in its orbit! It простой процент thought by some that the огромный gravity of Юпитер, prevents asteroids from colliding with Earth by drawing them into itself, making Юпитер, the generous guardian of the solar system. This also makes sense in the context of Ju¬piter, being associated with the qualities of, хоп, optimism, and расширение into the будущий. These emotional qualities ар, reflected in the more physical, ассоциации that the planet Юпитер, has with good bodily health. This planet, like its namesake in the Роман, pantheon, простой процент also seen туз, exuding qualities of, почетное главенство, truth, and справедливость. Another, импортирующий аспект of Юпитер простой процент its sense of джой and quality of humor, it being N несчастный случай that the word жизнерадостный ' простой процент rooted in the name Jove ', which простой процент another версия, of this planetary power' s name. However, экспансивный when the, qualities of, Юпитер ар, taken to, имеет negative extreme, they can lead to, злоупотреби of power and over-controlling отношения, even to the совсем of tyranny. The full располагает of подоенных Jupiter' s, мей be most keenly noticed in, народ of the зодиакальный, signs Sagittarius, over which it rules, and to о имеет lesser degree Pisces, which it co-rules with Нептун.
The day of the week ruled over by Ju¬piter простой процент Thursday. Deities other than the Роман Юпитер himself associated with this planet include Zeus (Greek), Thor (Norse), Fortuna (роман), and Marduk (Babylon). The Archangel of Юпитер простой процент Tzadkiel

Это кусок из типа-подаренного "технического пиривода" к колоде, если кто не понял.

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